The sweet falls

This is a beautiful waterfall located in shillong Meghalaya.It lies about 5kms from a place named Happy valley in shillong and is 96metres in height. Although there are many other waterfalls in the Meghalaya state,the water of this waterfall never dries unlike the other waterfalls, it is strange but true,it is often termed the ‘most beautiful’ yet the ‘most dangerous’ waterfall in shillong.


Gazoldoba Barrage

A visit to Gazoldoba was a beautiful experience. Gazoldoba is famous for different kinds of birds as it is the natural habitat for many birds. Hence, this place is also known as a birding paradise.Gazoldoba is a developing tourist and a picnic spot of the Terai and Doars region of North Bengal and the place is surrounded by baikunthapur forest which is a home for variety of wildlife.The Gazoldoba barrage is a beautiful place and one can spend leisurely time watching the scenic beauty with binoculars.There are local boatmen who offers you cheap boatrides and one can have a great time watching the beauty of barrage along with the boatride.As the place is distant from the main city it is very peaceful and calm.It is a must visit place for nature and peace lovers.

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